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17&4 is NATIONAL SUPPORTING PARTNER of Renovate Europe.

Renovate Europe is a political communications campaign with the ambition to reduce the energy demand of the EU building stock by 80% by 2050 through legislation and ambitious renovation programs. Launched in 2011, Renovate Europe is an initiative of EuroACE, the European Alliance of Companies for Energy Efficiency in Buildings, and enjoys the support of over 40 partners from industry, civil society and 17 national partners active at national level. It is the only EU-wide campaign that focuses exclusively on ambitious renovation of the building stock in the EU and is the voice that ‘bangs the drum’ for energy efficient renovations, taking a technology neutral, integrated and holistic approach to energy efficient renovations.

As an independent consultancy with many years of experience and with a widespread network 17&4 was invited to be the national partner in Austria in summer 2020. In Austria many aspects of renovation such as the frame conditions and administration are not on national level, the federal countries have the main competences in these fields. Moreover there are various institutions on national level caring for coordination and strategies. Our plan is to build up a network Renovate Austria on the longer run. As we are involved in several activities in the field of renovation (RenoBooster, Build UP skills etc.) we can spread the ideas of Renovate Europe in Austria in the first year. So it would turn out, which institutions could cooperate within a National Network Renovate Austria.

How to invest 750 Mrd € – EU calls for priorities

Member States are currently drafting National Recovery and Resilience Plans to be submitted to the European Commission, outlining where they will allocate the funding to be awarded from the EU Recovery Package. To facilitate the approval and disbursement of EU Recovery Funding in their country, governments can:
1) Prioritise Energy Renovation in the National Recovery and Resilience Plans that must be submitted to the European Commission before 15th October.
2) Simultaneously apply to DG REFORM before 1st of November for Technical Support to maximise the potential of energy renovation.

MITTEILUNG DER KOMMISSION – Jährliche Strategie für nachhaltiges Wachstum 2021: This document calls for significantly increased building renovation.

Opportunities for Energy Renovation in National Recovery and Resilience Plans

AUSTRIA: Federal Cancellery (BKA) informed us, that no political decision has yet been made in this regard and the final deadline for the final Member States drafts will end in April 2021. Parliament:

Contact: Johannes Fechner, Ronald Setznagel